Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome To Shameful Productions

Shameful Productions was made to keep you informed in everything that Julya Lykin & Pixy Snook do.  We have branched out in many areas and would like to keep everyone informed under one roof instead of multiple groups.

The goal is to make a community between designers and members.  A place members can be informed on what their favorite designer is up to.  To chat and be helpful to eachother without strict policies & make a comfortable atmosphere.  Along with keeping up on the Dare2Bare Hunt, Total Anarchy, Manic Monday...and when new and exciting events come...  A mall is coming along with a fair in the first quarter of 2014.

Also if you need promotion help. Check the staff section ad photography, & logo photography is offered.

Please flip through the tabs to see what things we are involved in, and you will hear it here first when things come up.

We will also being setting up a scribo for bloggers to join, where designers can send out their items for the event they are participating in.

Julya & Pixy

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