Manic Monday

Manic Monday is a weekly event, where 13 designers present a never released item which will be on sale for 66L for a 24 hour period.  After the 24 hour period you can put whatever price you want on it.

Because of the amount of applications received you will only be notified if you are accepted and also if we'd like to place you on the wait list for when a spot becomes available. If you do not hear back from us in a 24-48 hour period, assume you have not been accepted this go round, but feel free to apply again at a later date.

We will have team colors, once you are assigned to a certain color that is the date you will be put on each time you participate in the event.  The colors will be black, red, green, blue.

Spots will be filled by applications on a first come first serve basis.  Once you have had your first round.  I will ask you the next Tuesday if you would like to participate in the next months event.  Those that choose to participate will get the same color as they did the month before.  The people that do not get in the first round will be put on a waiting list.  And if a designer decides not to participate the month after. The gaps will be filled with a designer from the wait list.


100L Per Month, the LIMIT is 2 months in a row.  Then take a month off, to give other designers a chance to participate.

You must send notecard AND pay fee by the Thursday before your Monday.

(Example, payments for October 14th need to be paid before October 10th)

Please make payments to Julya Lykin.  Don't forget to paste your payment transaction on notecard below.

Set-up before 8PM on Sunday. This is a 66L or under event.

Please drop the application in the mailbox otherwise it will get lost in inventory.  Applications NOT dropped in mailbox will NOT be considered.

Thank you for your interest in participating.

Please rename this nc - Manic Monday Designer App (Your Name) (Store Name)

Then please drop the application in the mailbox located here:

Applications NOT dropped in mailbox will NOT be considered.

☠ Store Owner(s): (avatar name please, NOT display name)

☠ Name to be invited to group (not necessary but HIGHLY suggested):

☠ Store Name:

☠ LM:


☠ Does your vendor activate automatically?


Thank you for your interest in participating.

☠Manic Monday Crue☠

*Manic Monday is a part of Shameful Promotions.  Shameless promotions is branded by Julya Lykin & Pixy Snook.  Instead of having many groups for all events, put it under brand, and calls on various designers once an event that fits their store comes up.  Along with this you can advertise to the members of the group through notices.

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