**We reserve the right to change any policies @ any time**

Read them all, they are there for a reason.  We are extremely laid back, but DON'T take advantage of it.

  1. Most things done by Shameful Productions is in adult nature.  So anyone under 18 please be advised, and check warning labels, adult sims will be used in events & activities.
  2. Julya Lykin & Pixy Snook approve designers to participate in our events. Once chosen you will be called upon to do various different events such as hunts, discount rooms, fairs, and other events.
  3. If you break the rules set for that particular event, you will be taken off.  If money is involved, there will be NO refund.
  4. No affiliate, or business in a box stores.
  5. Mesh, boobie friendly, and normal clothes and/or items are acceptable.
  6. Any applications, inquires, or suggestions are to be put in the Mailbox located here (NO EXCEPTIONS): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anarchy/57/93/109.
  7. There will be one group for all to join with different tags.  So the group can reach as many people as possible.
  8. There will be a scribo set up for designers to send out blogger review items for their event.  Which specific bloggers picked by Julya Lykin & Pixy Snook
  9. Fees are refundable ONLY if 48 hour notice is given via NOTECARD.
  10. If you are not set up for whatever event you have signed up for 24 hours before the start.  You will be replaced.  And there would be no refund.
  11. You will receive one reminder before an event.
  12. NOT reading these rules do not exclude you from them.  They apply even if you do not take the time to read them.

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